Newgrass music in the United States is the fastest growing music genre in the music festival scene. However, across the pond in Australia, Ireland, and the UK, Newgrass Music is even hotter. In these countries, people speak English like we do. And, when the play Newgrass, 9 times out of 10, they play American songs to their own style of Newgrass. And, they are producing some really good music. Below are some of the Newgrass Bands and festivals that are proving that Newgrass music is not limited to any culture or region.

The Newgrass Cutters

The musical quality of older musicians with the youthful enthusiasm that makes Newgrass Music so much fun. An undiscovered gem from the UK that the Newgrass world should know about.

 The Morrisons

Really fun Australian Newgrass band. A definate crowd pleasing band. Playing Texas Eagle by Steve Earle

 The Ramblin Roses

Australian Bluegrass Dead Cover Band

 Mustered Courage

Australian Newgrass Band

Davidson Brothers

From Yinnar, Australia, they are lifetime musicians who were introduced to bluegrass at a young age by their parent. They have made a name for themselves in both the Australian and American Newgrass scenes. High quality fun Newgrass.



 OCT 31 - NOV 2

The Thornbury Theatre

Melbourne, Australia

Mustered Courage, The Morrisons, The Seals

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