Newgrass Bands to watch. Newgrass bands are on the rise. Most festivals book New Grass artist these days. That is because they are fun. More fans are requesting Newgrass Bands to play at all types of music festivals. Below are some new or undiscovered bands you might not know about, but you should. Expect these bands to be leaders in the Newgrass Music scene very soon. They know how to play their instruments quite well and their voices are nice too. These videos show you how these bands make you want to dance. That is what it is all about. I never danced before Newgrass music. The first time I danced was to Donna the Buffalo 15 years ago.  I couldn't help myself.

 To see what festivals these bands are playing at, visit New Grass Festival Guide

High Strung String Band

This band falls under the Newgrass Music definition of just plain Fun, High quality musicians playing high energy music and having a really good time!

  Dirty River Ramblers

The Dirty River Ramblers are a Newgrass band from Nebraska. They look intimidating, but they only pick on their instruments. With both quality originals and interpretations of your favorites, this band is willing to travel to entertain you. Expect to see them at a Newgrass festival near you. These guys have a lot of energy that makes you just want to dance.

 The Brummy Brothers

The The Brummy Brothers are fairly new to the scene. But they play every song with the energy and enthusiasm you expect from a Jamgrass Band that has been together for years.

 Hillbilly Gypsies

Good ole boys from West Virginia with deep Bluegrass roots. The Hillbilly Gypsies mix traditional Bluegrass with their own unconventional twist determined to have a really good time. Thus defining Newgrass Music. Newgrass music is really fun Bluegrass.

 Left Coast Country 

A hard driving Newgrass Band from Portland Oregon. Congratulations for winning the Northwest String Summits "String-Off Band Competition for 2014" This video is of the band having fun jamming on the Portland Transit Train. A Kind band! Download their new album here for any price you decide. A band worth supporting.

 Poor Man' Whiskey 

Well known in California, This band should be appreciated nationwide. They have developed their own style of Newgrass. Combining electric Jam Band and traditional Bluegrass instruments, they have created a really full sound that appeals to everyone. A must see band.

 Rumpke Mountain Boys

Rumpke Mountain Boys have been around for years. From Ohio, they have played the Ohio Jam Band Festivals for years. This year they are getting the recognition they deserve. Rumpke mountain Boys are playing the big national events like Suwanee Springfest in Live Oak FL. In April, they were in Jamaica jamming with bands like ekoostik hookah. At every show, the Rumpke Mountain Boys are known for putting out lots of extra effort to entertain the crowd. They often strike up the late night jams that make Newgrass Music Festivals so popular.
Rumpke Mountain Boys are the fastest growing Newgrass band in 2014. Newgrass Festival Guide is a website that lists the best newgrass festivals and hottest newgrass bands. Find a festival where Rumpke Mountain Boys are playing near you at

 Hot Day at the Zoo

Hot Day at the Zoo has been around for a while. They produce a groove that is Newgrass Music at it best. Throwing the rule book away, Hot Day at The Zoo makes their own unique music and entertains you with the classics as well.

 Cumberland River

You may not know this Newgrass Band, but when you hear them play their song "Cold and Withered Heart", you can tell they were born with bluegrass in their souls. Kickass front porch Newgrass music.

 Mandolin Orange - Really smooth Newgrass/Folk Music with great vocal harmony that makes you forget the troubles of the world. Enjoy!

 Lil' Smokeys

Originally called a Americana Folk Band. But, everyone agrees they are too much fun for that label. Lil' Smokeys are the definition of Newgrass. Americana Bluegrass Band that breaks all the rules to make sure you have a great time when they are playing. Winners of the Northwest String Summit String-Off Band Competition for 2013, this band is one to pay attention to.

 Garcia Grass 

 A talented Newgrass Grateful Dead Cover Band playing a really nice song "Peggy-O"

 Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

 So young, their voices haven't matured yet. However, they play their instruments with more maturity than some veterans."The next Nickel Creek that jams like Yonder Mtn. String Band". These kids, inspired by Earl Scruggs and Tony Rice, can play music like most of us wished we could play. They grew up in New Jersey where Bluegrass isn't available. They found Scruggs on Youtube, and the rest is history. They now tour the country playing music festivals and amazing people everywhere they go. The next Newgrass Band to be discovered. Promoters take notice.

 Punch Brothers

Just high quality musicians bringing a very smooth feel to Newgrass. This video is of a song off their album called "Sometimes". The Punch Brothers with Chris Thile from Nickle Creek are pleasing fans everywhere they play.

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